Progress and Civility - esoForum political philosophy, politics, social philosophy Fri, 22 May 2020 16:51:06 +0000 esoTalk Jordan Peterson <ul><li>Communal progress has initiated disaster for the layperson’s mental state and direction of thought by normalizing arguments for change without initiation, or just cause, which have been circular in theory and inconceivable in practice. In recent times groups of people and civil cases have pushed for movements contrary to established realities such as the abolition of ordained divinity; or academic arguments which aim to disprove presence beyond our own current plane, or popular rejections of hypotheses with no daily application. Man’s egotistical nature in recent conditioning has repeatedly sought to tear longstanding tradition and eliminate regional popular culture, but simply observing common reactions can both determine that such a mode of thought and of practice is stimulated by a particular ideology, and a group pushing that ideology; but will also determine the cause, for both political and social reasons inscribed in texts, along with an inherent hatred of human beauty.</li></ul><ul><li>With the innovation of a popular source of information which anybody can edit and make contribution to, the layperson is accelerated in a method that has been deemed unobservable for much of man’s history; it undermines social hierarchy and allows even those from the bottom of any given mental class to speak at the same level as per those who have studied on whatever the core subject is for their entire career. Speaking of this occurrence is often coupled with primarily negative impacts but from any standpoint, although ignored, it undermines the longstanding institutions of academic scholars who have previously held a facet of information, or that which isn’t evident but can be determined.</li></ul> Fri, 22 May 2020 16:51:06 +0000