Spicy Chip Dust - esoForum https://esotalk.net/434/spicy-chip-dust/ obese, sexual Wed, 20 Nov 2019 16:42:26 +0000 esoTalk canadian.user https://esotalk.net/post/3747/ <p>Part I:<br/>It was late afternoon. I needed to turn a paper in late to Ms. Coffee, unfortunately a retard had spilled Hot Cheetos on the assignment while screeching Indian(Hindi) slurs. Now Cheeto dust stained the paper.</p><p>I walked into the classroom not knowing what to expect. Upon entering it was dim, the blinds were shut only letting some light seep through the cracks, the smart board was a cold blue with an error message in the corner stating there was no input.</p><p>When I approached the desk I stumbled upon the most repulsive sight. The leather chair was covered in a mixture of hot sweat and cum. Oversized clothes layed upon the floor. On the monitor was a VHS tape playing, it showed the date 4/29/2018, a tall and thin white kid mauling a fat black woman, other tapes were scattered on the desk. Titled: Clardy Reynolds, Eiffel Tower, Mid Summer Nights Orgy, Hulk Smashing, and more.</p><p>One of the cabinets of the back counter was opened and an eerie gust of wind blew from the hole that led dark below.</p><p>To be continued…</p> Tue, 05 Nov 2019 17:46:46 +0000 https://esotalk.net/post/3747/