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Escargot is a service which provides an online MSN Messenger server; more specifically, it's a project aimed to revive the MSN Messenger (and Windows Live Messenger) platform by distributing the programme, now connected to a new server [which isn't owned by Microsoft Corporation].

It's pretty cool; and with the pre-packaged copies of MSN Messenger, the software functions as it did (before Microsoft took the service down).

Escargot site: https://escargot.log1p.xyz/

MSN Messenger 7.5 download: http://storage.log1p.xyz/patched-installer/escargot-msn-7.5.0324-en.msi


You can create a new account for MSN on the website; and, having downloaded the above software, log-in using the aforementioned account.

Feel free to share your Escargot-MSN contacts here, and discuss anything pertinent to the service. Add me w/ [email protected].


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[email protected] is my contact :)

[email protected]
I made a thread without realizing this was already here oops


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