Maybe You Should Fear the Reaper

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There you are, sitting in your room at approximately 3:46 AM on the morning of May 21st, 1976, when you hear a strange noise coming from below. You push it off at first and tell yourself something along the lines of "It was just the wind," albeit with some unsteadiness. This unsteadiness grows larger as the strange noise becomes more and more frequent and audible. In a panic, you begin to ensure every entry point to your house is locked, and look out every window and turn on every light. The noise stops. You feel relieved, and you retreat back into your room for the night. All is well and you are quite excited to resume your listening to your favorite band Blue Öyster Cult's brand new album, Agents of Fortune. You drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep. The following night, you are disturbed by the same noise again, this time at 3:12 AM. Immediately, you become extremely restless as the noise continues to grow louder and more frequent. You decide that enough is enough, and grab a baseball bat from your closet and march outside to investigate. Once you step outside, the noise slows down. You stand there, motionless. The noise has completely gone away. With a sigh of relief, you turn around to walk back inside, but are immediately pressured to look over your shoulder to make sure you aren't being followed. You hesitantly look behind you, only to see a dark silhouette of a man standing behind your bushes, shuffling a deck of cards. Your body is shaking from head to toe, and you are paralyzed with fear. You only decide to move when the figure, still apparently featureless, takes a step forward, and says two words repeatedly: "Don't fear… Don't fear… Don't fear…" You run. As fast as you can, you sprint back inside and slam the door shut behind you and lock it. Thinking you have stopped the figure, you stop in your tracks and stare at the closed door behind you. Just when you think you have escaped, the deadbolt slowly turns, and the door is unlocked. As the door slowly opens, you hear the same repeated phrase: "Don't fear… Don't fear… Don't fear…" You run. You sprint up the stairs, get into your bedroom. and barricade the door. As you hear the figure walking up the stairs, you climb into your closet and shut the door. It's pitch black. You no longer hear the figure, and the phrase has stopped being repeated. In pure relief, you turn on your phone's flashlight in order to see, only for the figure to be in your closet right next to you. It's Carl. He is staring directly into your eyes. He cracks a slight smile, leans close, and whispers into your ear, “Don’t fear…”

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