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The problem is that the left isn't financially responsible or practical, it just falls under it's own weight. It hurts my brain trying to explain the fallacy of this whole movement:
-An anti Corporate movement backed by every major corporation.
-An anti Capitalism movement backed by free hand outs from working class citizens.
-An anti Government movement backed by all Democratic politicians.
-An anti Police movement that whines when they are not defending them
-An anti Law movement that demands extra protections

You can only run so long on other's people money. They want America to continue to exist and work to fund the lazy asses while they LARP communism in the park.

Their grasp on reality is so thin and narrow, they have no concept of how societies function or how nations are managed.
They are being used by our own enemies and attacking the symbols our own freedom and justice.

The whole movement is such a massive ignorant contradiction.

I swear its just the shills trying to secure power when the collapse of the modern system inevitably happens.

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