OK. Doctors

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"OK. Doctors… why dont you study.. an ANT COLONY you fuckin retards… aeasahhe ag adjejetdgseeehehheh, fuckin retard nigger monkeys, the human species is a goddamn ANT COLONY, OKAY? we need to seperate the ethnicities because their different species of ants, OKAY? ….. the ANTS have 1 queen they need like a common DNA aand guess what, they make different types of people: sooooldierss, diiiggers, nuurses, king, queen, OKAY? guess what? when the ant colony is in distress, chemical signals go out and a… nigger goes on a rampage, you goddamn diggers im fuckin sick of your shit, and thats the way the fuckin ant colony works, and theres a fuckin KING that comes along every once and a while, OKAY? its a goddamn ant colony you fuckin retards, we need to seperate the ethnicities into fuckin different regions so that we-.. theres no way to like mix it and get shit, OKAY? thats retarded, OKAY? the male and the female species need different-.. they have different fuckin roles, they need famine, war, shit like that… goddamn niggers, fuckin execute everyone of them piece of shit phsycologists fuckin retards…retarded as fuck, like, lets doeosddfgfgffsg, are you fuckin stupid….. fuckin retards goddamn their stupid fucks, hehaehhaohe…."

-Terry A. Davis

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