Understanding Chaos: Are Traps Gay?

one of my lectures 
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When you pull your dick out and she also pulls her dick out, I firmly believe that is chaos. That is unexplored territory. You see, over a long strand of human evolution, we have gained an insight into the nature of two distinct types of people; those who have a warm juicy vagina, and those with a large moist penis. As the supple breasts of those who claim to be an intersection between the two hierarchies touch the normalcy of man, young men are cumming to me across the globe in lieu of insight of how to work around such dynamics that are actively being instated by postmodernists.

As this happens, you just don't know what to do. And that is the belly of the beast. So get down there, bucko. Question yourself: does it really matter if she is a trap? Or should we fabricate a new identification for this intersection: is the penis feminine? This begs the question, bucko: if it has tits, is it really gay? Pull your socks off and travel to the underworld to clean your room and save your father, bucko.

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