Twelve Rules for Pee Pee

i am a clinical psychologist 
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I would first like to preface this lecture by asserting that I am in fact a clinical psychologist. I believe that my experience as a psychologist has allowed me to challenge and gain an abnormal insight into the mechanism of the male bladder as many young men come to me asking whether or not it should be socially acceptable to pee pee while you poo poo. From this, I have travelled around the world and met many troubled young men who are faced with the same question: of it being okay to pee pee while doing the poo poo. In human history, we have developed a social hierarchy around the biological capacity to pee pee and thus over these years it has been designated as both responsible and effective to pee pee at the same time one is conducting a poo poo from the bowels of their person.

That being said, I am troubled by what I see. Over the previous few years, social Marxist ideology has invaded the way men conduct their bowel movements and thus the period at which they pee pee. Conflicting social Marxist hierarchies firmly state that it should not be socially acceptable for men to pee pee while they poo poo, but in the sense of realistic capacity it's just not possible to distinguish the two. This is where academia and popular teaching has failed young men who instinctually must pee pee while they poo poo. It's time for young men to reject this philosophy and return to the basic fundamentals of mankind indeed following their biological primitive: that it is okay to pee pee at the same time you poo poo.

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