28 Neilsephs Later

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I wake up. Hitler is laying in a pool of his own cum. Mr.Guard is laughing. "Nyaa yeaaa yeeeaaa yaaaa! You don't like all of that cum riiiigghhhttt?" said Mr.Guard. I then look up to him, rage in my eyes. I begin to say, "Mr.Guard, I will fucking demolish you." He looks at me for a moment and with a sarcastic tone he says, "OOOuuuuu I'm so scared, riiiiight?" Why does he keep saying right? So he is laughing like a damn smoker and while he's distracted by his own ego, I muster up the strength to rip through my bondage. He quickly looks up at me and lackadaisically says "ahhh shit." So I shoot one of the loads that Hitler blew into my mouth back at Mr. Guard and it all gets directly in his eyes.
"Ow fuck, you fucking whore!" Neilseph would only be blinded for a few moments so now was my time to get the fuck out of here. So, I quicky bust out of the room and search for Neilseph's time machine. I check all but one room, Neilseph's room. I don't have the courage to face what I might see in there. But, I hear a distant call from Mr.Guard. "You cunt-bitch, I will find you, riiiight?!?! Come out come out wherever you are."
I do not have any time to be a bitch. So I bust into the room and what I see is shocking me to my very core. I see hundreds of real heavy physics books, fire extinguishers, fishing equipment and lastly a man. He is standing at about five feet, eight inches. About 60 years of age. He has a little bit of hair on his nose and ears. Glasses and brown-ish grey hair. "Halt!" He says in his kinda nasally voice. I then explain to him, "Do you know where the time machine is? PLEASE, you have to tell me whee the time machine is!"He looks at me for a moment and says, "In order to pass me and get the time machine, you mist answer these two questions and get them right." God damn it what the hell. But I hear Neilseph flying around the building, looking for me and getting closer- I HAVE NO TIME. I thenn say "Okay, ask away." He looks at me and whith a slight smirk he says "Would you like the quick-solve now, or later?" I was dumbfounded. I say "Now!" He then looks at me and begins to speak…

"Dr. J. L. Quicksolve got a call from Officer Long-arms, saying that gunshots were heard at John and Plumber’s convenient store. Dr. Quicksolve rushed over. He got out of his car, walked between two police cars, pulled the door open, and entered. When he came in, he instantly noticed Plumber, lying on the floor dead. John was standing behind the counter, nervously playing with his mustache. Dr. Quicksolve approached him and asked what happened. John replied,

'When I walked in, I saw Plumber, on the floor, dead. Before I had a chance to do anything, the shooter darted out from behind the door and escaped.'

'Why didn’t you do call the police?' Dr. Quicksolve asked. 'Because I had so much to do,' John responded.
'Does anyone else work here?' Dr. Quicksolve asked.

'Yeah, our assistant manager, but she didn’t come in today. You can ask her questions tomorrow if she’s here'.
'Yeah, ask her why you killed your partner!' Dr. Quicksolve immediately took him in.
Why did Dr.J.L. Quicksolve suspect John?"

I was at a loss for words. My brain is stuck in overdrive. I tried to think of everything but I had nothing. I hear Neilseph scream "WHHHEEERRRRE ARRRE YOUUUU OKAAAIIIIEEEYYY…?" I must act now, or else I'm toast. I think hard, harder than I have ever thought before. My head hurts and then it dawns on me… I am ready to answer.
"W-was it… was it the guy who made boxes?"
He looked up annd down at me and said, "Is that your final answer?" I tell him "Yes". He looks again at me and says "That is correeecttt! The time machine is this way." He pushes a button on the wall and it opens up a secret hiding spot. He pulls out the time machine and says "Herrre you goo." I tell him how thankful I am and say goodbye. I set in the numbers for the 90’s. I know if I go back to the time where I came from, Neilseph will surely find me. So I hit the numbers 11/ 2/ 1990. Neilseph busts open the doors and sees me on the launch pad of the time machine. He looks at the man who gave it to me, and shocked he said “Jesus, Miller, how did she solve the puzzle?” And Miller says “she’s a keeper, you messed up. You can either shut up, or G’leave and get her back.” Neilseph looks at Miller and says “Okaaaiiiiieeeeey, riiigghhht??” And then he looks at me, and we lock eyes and he says “I apologize riiiggghht?” And I look up at him and say “Suck my fat clit!” And I hit the go button and I’m gone. I hear a faint echo of Neilseph’s scream and then I look up and I’m in the year 1990.
I’m finally free. I need not worry about Neilseph any longer. I went to one of the courthouses and decided I was going to change my name. The person asked me what I wanted to change my name to. I thought about it for a moment and said “Shannon. Shannon Coffee.” The person looked at me and said “you sure nigga? Kinda wack name no lie.” And I was like “yes. I am sure.” They set everything in order and when I walked out of the building, I was a new person. I went to the salon to dye my hair blonde and would forever wear these faggot-ass Harry Potter glasses. I must do whatever it takes to stay undercover. So that Neilseph never finds me. What should I do with my life? Maybe I’ll become a teacher. Yeah! I like the ring of that, ‘Ms.Coffee’. I then find a place to lay low. After a frantic day, I lay down. For the first time in forever I get a good nights sleep and I can rest easy knowing that the sun will shine on my large ass again.


you are just a pawn in this conspiracy!

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