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I have made several improvements to the general layout of the forum over this week. Here's a complete changelog of what's been… well… changed. :P

  • Avatars have been doubled in resolution. Hurrah! Avatar thumbnails (previously 32x32) have been doubled to 64x64. Avatars in posts (previously 100x100) have been doubled to 100x100. This should make avatars look more pronounced on retina and high-resolution displays. I tested out the change on my phone and there's an observable difference. You will need to re-upload your avatar for the changes to take effect.
  • Transparent avatars are now handled better. If you have a transparent avatar, they'll have a slight grey tint on the search results page. In effect, this makes them look more pronounced and prevents transparent avatars from appearing "cut off." This does not apply to conversations (only search results). In conversations, a user's flair color accounts for the transparent image's background color.
  • The "jump to last" search results button has been removed. The "jump to unread" button is still there. It's been slightly moved to beneath the conversation title. I found the "jump to last" button to be useless, as you can already easily "jump to last" after clicking on a conversation. This will "clean up" the appearance of search results, particularly on smaller devices.
  • Post editing controls have adopted the `:blank` pseudo-class. (This is mostly technical so you may not care.) Since post controls do not display when you're not logged in, instead you'll get a grey "stripe" where they belong. (This only affects mobile users and smaller devices.) To prevent this in the future, I've appended the pseudo-class to the site's CSS to remove that stripe when devoid of any content. Currently, this isn't supported by any browsers but should solve the issue at some point in the future.
  • The forum's social media presence has been enriched. Posting a link to the forum (e.g. posting a conversation link on Discord, Twitter, or Google's media services) will now include a proper summary of the conversation's contents, alongside the forum's logo.
  • "Tiger stripes" for search results. In web design, "tiger stripes" refers to patterned white-grey-white-grey (highlighted) results. This will help differentiate posts and correlate them with their right-hand properties in search results. I plan to implement this in the next few weeks. (It has been implemented.)

Planned changes to the forum

  • Extension of dark mode implementation to Apple's selective dark mode. The site will display in "dark mode" if the system-wide feature is enabled on Apple computers.

Feel free to give feedback on what's been changed! Report any bugs, issues, or suggestions (concerning these changes) here. ;)

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