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coomer, hot cheetos 
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It was late afternoon. I needed to turn a paper in late to Ms. Coffee, unfortunately a retard had spilled Hot Cheetos on the assignment while screeching Indian(Hindi) slurs. Now Cheeto dust stained the paper.

I walked into the classroom not knowing what to expect. Upon entering it was dim, the blinds were shut only letting some light seep through the cracks, the smart board was a cold blue with an error message in the corner stating there was no input.

When I approached the desk I stumbled upon the most repulsive sight. The leather chair was covered in a mixture of hot sweat and cum. Oversized clothes layed upon the floor. On the monitor was a VHS tape playing, it showed the date 4/29/2018, a tall and thin white kid mauling a fat black woman, other tapes were scattered on the desk. Titled: Clardy Reynolds, Eiffel Tower, Mid Summer Nights Orgy, Hulk Smashing, and more.

One of the cabinets of the back counter was opened and an eerie gust of wind blew from the hole that led dark below.

To be continued…

Part II:
Crawling down into the depths below the cold breeze gave me a chilling feeling.

In the dungeon below I could hear screams of an odd sense of pleasure/pain and claps of the ass.

There was a distinct odor of a nigger sweating profusely (I would know because my grandparents have a plantation in Alabama).

When I finished the descent into the gym of Jim Sellers in the middle of the room I saw an manatee and a whale scissoring each other ROAST BEEF pussies, cum flew everywhere with occasional shits falling out.

I saw used fire extinguishers rolling across the floor, their bellies and tits were full of anti-fire cum.

The ones they call Coffee and Clardy were accelerating and climaxing, one last Yelp from each led an enormous orgasm. Cum exploded all around the room.

Up on the balcony emerged a man in a hooded robe designed with links to a website(pyret), code, and physics. He commanded those in the bleachers (students) who were gagged, chained up, and blind folded to make noise to celebrate the GREAT COOM that had just occurred.

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