No Body Can Out Pizza The Hut

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We are PizzaHut


11 months ago Administrator

I am going to release an update to esoTalk which will out-pizza the Hut.

No! I already own 30% of the shares in Yum Brands! on the NYSE. I can't take another big loss like Washington Mutual back in '08.

It is physically impossible to Out Pizza the Hut.

Out Pizza the Hutt? Are you fucking inside?

Can this outpizza the Hut?

Jeff… NO!!!!!!!

Latemarx - go to this post

This is what happens when you try to out PIZZA THE HUT!!!

"Taboo Frisalak, Maggi Maggi Pizza Hut un-out-hutable, Kabiish Doola Sarlac."- Jabba the Hutt 2020

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