Is Wheels a secret govt Agent?

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Most of you may know of the African-boy who wheels around in his little machine. From a far and up close he’s seems totally harmless and unable to practically understand near anything.
Recently my partner has uncovered groundbreaking information that states the claim that “Wheels” is really a young secret government agent installed by the federal government to collect all information and report back to his higher ups. This very post will put my life in grave danger but Fuck it, I must save our people.

Captain Johnny F. Scrotum

I never knew that Wheels could be capable of this much. Maybe his wheels contain optical laser-sensing energy beams which track where students have been… maybe there's something more to Wheels than meets the eye, or wheelchair, if you will.

Donald Trump

Last year (edited by Donald Trump Last year)

Untrue! This is a scam created by the PHONY LIBERAL MEDIA. I would never hire boys like that to work for me. Too impractical, and never puts out!

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