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If you're not logged in, or you have just made an account: this is the first post on your conversations board (congratulations!) which will explain to you the basics of using this forum. This site is an online discussion board for any set topic, where users can discuss virtually anything. We have a terms of service which details the specifics of what is, and isn't, allowed here; to sum it up: you may post anything which isn't illegal, inhumane, or lascivious. Due to the scarce nature of online boards, it may help you to imagine Digg or Reddit, but without link agglomeration. :)

Using the site

Firstly, you may find the homepage (index) to be somewhat different than what's exhibited on other sites. As previously mentioned: instead of using categories to organize conversations, we use gambits – search terms designed to help users find what they're looking for. For example: if you want to list only conversations with unread posts, the unread gambit will do that; if you'd like to find what's been active during the day, use active today. You can even use several gambits to further specify queries: try using unread + contributor:myself to find new replies to your own posts.

Having conversations is painless once you've made an account; merely click on a conversation, compose your reply, and submit. Formatting is available – including bold and italics – along with hyperlinks. If you want to save your reply for later without posting it, you can easily draft posts. Conversations which contain drafts by you will have a green 'draft' tag. To see what your post looks like when it'd be published, you may tick the preview box. If something (a convo) catches your eye, you can mark it with a star, which'll (by default) send you e-mail notifications on its new posts.

Alternatively, you can create your own conversation, which is just as easy: click the button, make a title, and then choose your tags. Tags appear on the index page, next to gambits, and are used to describe whatever your intended topic is. They're intended to be present participles (imagine your tag appearing as such: we're talking about [tag]; we're talking about eating). If you'd like, a conversation can even be private – just add another user's name in the text-box signifying who can view your post. By default, it's public. Administrators can sticky and tag conversations, as well.

Account management

Once you first create an account, you'll be taken to the page of your settings. Users can distinguish themselves by picking a particular color or pattern (referred to as a flair) that suits them. To further distinguish yourself, you may upload (or link) an avatar, that'll display beside your posts by default. On the same page, you can also choose: if you'd like to be e-mailed, how you want the forum to appear, and your account's personal information.

While your account's security is your responsibility, if something happens to it, send us an urgent e-mail. A staff member will anonymously take steps to recover your account from being compromised. You can prevent security breaches from occurring: use a strong password, keep your e-mail updated, and don't hand out personal information.

Admin's favorite queries

Gambits are powerful both for forum regulars and guests searching for a specific piece of information on a newly-found forum. Here are some combinations that may be useful or interesting to you.

  • New private convos: private + unread
  • Unread replies: contributor:myself + unread - private
  • Last week's hot posts: active last 7 days + order by posts
  • Replies to recent convos: author:myself + active last 2 weeks + has replies
  • History's most popular: order by posts
  • My failed convos: author:myself + !has replies
  • Random recent convos: random + active last 1 weeks - private - sticky

Try and find what suits you, or brings up some interesting stuff.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What separates this site from the aforementioned ones?
A: Our forum is a forum – meaning content is transferred on a different basis. Even then, this forum operates differently: instead of threads, you have conversations; rather than replies, you have posts; along with additional features afforded under the software. There are no sub-communities; and on the homepage, the newest posts will appear, not the most popular ones.

Q: How is this site moderated with such minimal rules?
A: We've appointed moderators and administrators to handle that front. They're chosen directly by the webadmin, and can be identified by the 'moderator' or 'administrator' tag beside their name. Generally, any post that is seen as against our rules will be removed; some administrators will append reasons to posts before they are deleted (which can be viewed by other staff), while others can be taken down without notice. Either way, content is never removed basely – there is no rule against 'hate speech' or anything of that nature.

Q: Is this site secure?
A: Every element of this forum has been designed with security in mind. Secure content is hashed (including passwords, personal information, et cetera), and end-to-end encryption is universally employed throughout the forum. We're constantly finding new ways to implement further security, and every staff action is in line with our privacy policy.

Q: Why is it called that?
A: It's named after the underlying forum software, esoTalk. Other meanings include: 'esoteric' – an English word which means 'understood by a few people;' talk, in that discussion is traded in the form of casual discourse on this forum; the capitalization scheme, popular with other sites following this trend of design. We are not associated with Elder Scrolls Online.

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