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Here's the guidelines by which you should abide when creating, replying to, or modifying conversations on esoForum. This is the document by which administrators will judge any questionable posts. These guidelines apply to any content under the primary domain of the forum (esota.lk) and any redirects (esotalk.net, esotalk.ga). These are not legal "terms of service" and they do not outline the mechanism of privacy on esoForum.

What you shouldn't do

  • (Don't) post content which violates United States federal law, or the law of your respective nation (or state). esoForum operates within the States, and is hosted in the State of New York. We do not harbor illegal content or text, and anything to this effect will be removed, and may result in the suspension or outright deletion of one's account if requested to do so by the State.
  • You shouldn't use the unmoderated nature of private conversations to your advantage. Administrators can't view private conversations, but private conversations should follow these guidelines.
  • Try not to make new conversations which are unsavory, unfavorable, or immoral. Subjects which are deemed immoral by an administrator (to the effect of spreading homophilia or degeneracy) will not be deleted, but locked, so that members can't reply to them.
  • (Don't) distribute malware, malicious content, or questionable content on this site through hotlinking. Posts which link to sites that are considered dangerous (if they spread malicious content) will be edited so that those links will either not direct to such a site, or the links will be removed altogether.

Here's how to see if you have been corrected by an administrator:

  1. If someone other than yourself has deleted one of your conversations.
  2. If your post was deleted. If so, the administrator who has deleted your post will be listed at the post's header (e.g. "deleted by person").
  3. If your post was edited. The last person to have edited your post (if anyone) will be on the header as well, next to the post's timestamp.

What you should do

  • Make quality posts and conversations. We encourage spam posts (which are fine) to be confined to a spam-related conversation which has already been made.
  • Use the "quote" function to address others. We'd like you to maintain comprehensible threads.
  • Use tags and in gerunds. If you don't know what a gerund is, think of "doing this" and "having that" instead of "did this" or "done this."

What you can do

  • Exercise your freedom of speech. We encourage this on the forum! You won't be censored for voicing any political opinion, suggestion, or statement.

If you've been corrected by an administrator and you wish to dispute it, simply open a private conversation with that administrator. Administrators are obligated to explain any corrections they've made, but keep in mind that administrative action is always to their discretion (meaning that if they believe it should not be on the forum, they are likely right and they're in their power to do something about it).

Enjoy changing the we think! ;)

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