Top ten shirts

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Top ten shirts
Number 10: The plain white t-shirt
This is number ten because it's white, and white things are cringe.

Number 9: Suit T-shirt
This iss number nine because it's classy and epic. It reminds me of John Wick who is also epic.

Number 8: Like a Boss Minecraft t-shirt
This is number eight because IT'S LIKE A BOSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!111!!!!!

Number 7: Jojo t-shirt
Watch Jojo, it's really quirky, the first season is slow but it's really good after that I swear.

Number 6:Peter Griffin T-shirt
He vibin', peter griffin funny man

Number 5: No anime t-shirt
This should be the rule on Esoforum, anime should be banned (except Jojo because it's cool)

Number 4: Sans from Smash Brothers T-shirt
This is so epic! I'm so happy sans is in smash. You're gonna have a bad time LOL (Lard Oxymoron Lazarus)

Number 3: Meme T-shirt
This meme is really funny, I showed it to all my friends and they said it was epic.

Number 2:This British T-Shirt
I like keep calm memes, they make me go hahahahahahahaha

Number 1: The most Epic Fortnite T-shirt ever (Who else is hyped for the new season :DDDDD)
I really relate to this shirt, and it makes me mad that my mom makes me go to school >:( I just want to fortnite mom, I'm just as good as ninja.

Thanks for reading my list, come back next time for my top ten Tank Tops

Peter Griffon good

Peter Griffin***

Vibe check, Peter Griffin shirt be vibin tho!

I love you

White is right

Kill me

nice shirts

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