Krebs acknowledges "Krebs is Cancer"

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Read the entire article: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/03/coinhive-expose-prompts-cancer-research-fundraiser/

Brian Krebs, "Coinhive Exposé Prompts Cancer Research Fundraiser"

A story published [on KrebsOnSecurity] this week revealed the real-life identity behind the original creator of Coinhive — a controversial cryptocurrency mining service that several security firms have recently labeled the most ubiquitous malware threat on the Internet today. In an unusual form of protest against that story, members of a popular German language image-posting board founded by the Coinhive creator have vented their dismay by donating tens of thousands of euros to local charities that support cancer research.

On Monday KrebsOnSecurity published Who and What is Coinhive, an in-depth story which proved that the founder of Coinhive was indeed the founder of the German image hosting and discussion forum pr0gramm[dot]com (not safe for work). I undertook the research because Coinhive’s code primarily is found on tens of thousands of hacked Web sites, and because the until-recently anonymous Coinhive operator(s) have been reluctant to take steps that might curb the widespread abuse of their platform. <read more @ link above>


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no… no… no… NO!


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