Using esoConnect by esoForum: a tutorial

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esoConnect by esoForum is a new Internet hotspot that's expanding throughout the Tulsa area. In select locations, you can use esoConnect for quick and easy access to that region's secure Internet connection, without connecting to it yourself. Instead, you're using the esoConnect Proxy, which involves a host machine connecting to the network and serving as a middleman between the two connections.

Connecting to your local esoConnect network

esoConnect networks are marked by their order of installation, from one to ten, and prefixed by "P" if they are unsecured. Unsecured networks have no password, whereas secure networks always have the password "esoforum." In the future, connecting to an esoConnect hotspot will prompt you to sign-in with your esoForum account. Until then, it is a direct connection to the Internet.

Setting up your own esoConnect proxy

Configuring and starting your own network is relatively easy. [to be added]

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