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The year is 1939 and Poland has just become subjugated by the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. Hitler quickly blows through France and the Lowland countries. Hitler knows the power and strength of the United Kingdom thus he does not give up on his “Blitz” campaign over Britain. The expansion into civilian areas by the Luftwaffe never takes place as soon as it did, the continuation of bombing RAF installations severally weakening its position to mount a successful offensive against the Germans.

The Italians managed to hold onto their British seized land in Egypt. Mussolini subjugates Albania but waits to take out Greece and Yugoslavia, until he believes that his naval and air power is sufficient enough. The Italians employ thousands of German engineer and scientists to help design and engineer their weaponry and to bring it up to par with that of Germany’s.

In 1938 a successful coup d’état had occurred in British controlled Malaya. The British troops stationed there and the ones sent were no match against the Japanese troops, Fighters, and ships. After Britain’s crushing defeat in Malaya and the refusal of the Dutch to help in the nearby Dutch East Indies to Malaya. Following the subsequent British defeat in the South East Asia, Malaya was effectively turned into a Japanese satellite state. (The Malaya Empire)

With Britain having no control of Singapore and the Malay peninsula, the Japanese allowed the use of the straits to the British government but at a very heavy cost. The Japanese control of the waterways made for the British to have a tricky time getting trade to their outer colonies. Effectively driving a large wedge between Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the other British outer pacific islands. This would also greatly increase Japanese influence over the pacific colonies.

The British government now divided and disjointed spilts its allegiance among Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and Prime Minster Winston Churchill’ traditional Conservative party. With many marches and demonstrations occurring quite regularly against the establishment, making the status quo and British government fall to pieces. Kind Edward the 8th abdicated his throne but not after giving great support to Mosley’s party. Over in the British dominion of Canada massive riots and unrest break out in Ottawa against the government, calling for a immediate independence and breakaway from Britain and a neutral centered government. The British and Canadian troops engaged and brutally crushed the ensuing riots and demonstrations against the establishment. This would later create great resentment among Canadian troops especially those Canadians under direct authority of British born officers.

The stage is set for a darker and more divided world than ever before. Please help by continuing the story into a greater era of prosperity.

-Zealand Air Base Commandant


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