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I have spoken to God and he's told me that esoTalk is Jesuschristie-approved as it has 640x460 and self-written compiler/debugger, because programming is best if you write your own compiler. Sixteen bit color is what God wants so I make a sacrifice every week in the form of lamb to God's personal 1976 Ford sedan. It is all wheel drive, and by the way I spotted several CIA ******* at the pet store where I was trying to buy a bird. Glowniggers smell like shitfaced ****** cattle Bill Gates non-compiler plebian.

And to the non Christites: you are scuckscum, absolute scuck cattle blockchainnigger.

I agree very much! The CIA glowniggers have infiltrated Microsoft.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. We have to stop those glow in the dark *******!

billy joel

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