A curse our brains tell us

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Am I the only one who is afraid of myself more than anything around me, the only one that has monsters in their head?
I'm sorry if you don't like to read things like this, but I feel like it is necessary for this to be out there. For anyone struggling like I am, those who smile and say "i'm fine".
Who feel Pain, tell Lies, feel Empty and Hollow, and need to be Loved.

Anyone who feels like that know you are not alone, there are people out there who know the struggle.

Please only comment if you care.


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Ha…. -_-


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…the only one that has monsters in their head?

Auditory hallucinations may be preliminary symptoms of schizophrenia, or other various mental disorders which present a connection between one's state of mind, and the ability for purportations to be conjured without underlying sentient intervention.

tl;dr – see a medical professional.

I'm not schizophrenic, but thanks.

depression yes, schizophrenic no.
(a "little" crazy maybe)

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