Celebrating one year of esoForum!

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This week marks the one year anniversary of esoForum, as it was priorly installed onto this domain on November 16th, 2017. To commemorate this forum having housed conversations aplenty, this is the definite foundation and history of our site.

Before the forum

The idea for this site was based off an antiquated forum software known as PostNuke – a project dating back to 2001 (development ended in 2009) with its roots in establishing dynamic websites. I conceptualized a forum which incorporated skeuomorphic design without going light on the amount of bare features available for its users. Moreover, I used to follow development on an accompanying project – esoTalk – which had been previously abandoned (in the state you observe it) for little over one decade.

Development began on a specific (third-party) distribution of the esoTalk forum base roughly three months before I released esoForum. My three goals in development were: speed, a lightweight interface, and unrivaled mobile support – fortunately, all three goals were met within the previous year of software development.


I'd used pieces of the software to create a semi-functioning site around one month into development; with several portions irresponsive to user input: such as live posting, user sign-ups, and core forum functions. My admin account was registered along with preliminary forum setup, going off common templates for hierarchical forum structures.

We've added optimization for an alien platform in under two months, using @media tags with CSS version three (CSS3). A field of security has been brought to the site, using the latest revision of TLS (the transport layer socket protocol), a derivative of SSL (secure socket layer). Shortly thereafter, open-source development concluded for the platform and I moved towards closed-source releases (which've allowed me to take the project further, with code specific to [and only] esotalk.net). esoForum became a web app using the moderately-recent 'service worker' technology available in most modern web browsers, and because of this, one can now 'download' the forum onto their phone.

What's next…

I'm in the process of planning a very big update to esoForum, which will reengineer individual account security and add more user luxuries. Progress is constantly occurring behind the scenes, and I hope to continue making esoForum the optimal forum for secure discussion.

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication, I can't wait to see where you take esoForum next.
Godspeed and happy One Year, esoForum.

Happy cake day esoForum.


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I've been here for eight months already. Wow. Congratulations to the admin and for esoForum's first year! :)


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