Plagiarized Factual Statements

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Of course while his point that steel beams don't need to literally melt in order to lose their integrity is solid and seeing it first-hand is neat, his process has a flaw: He openly admits that the forge he was using heated the steel beam several hundred degrees above the temperature at which jet fuel burns. That, and he doesn't say how long the beam has been in the forge, or offer any evidence of the forge's actual temperature. His little experiment here is more party trick than perfect simulation.

Fortunately none of that matters given that the boneheaded theories about 9/11 have already been thoroughly debunked in much greater detail by a whole host of sources, including this very publication. But at least we have the truthers to thank for a very nifty meme.



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I restored this post because it is both a point of contention, politically, and a good (even if plagiarised) analysis of September Eleventh conspiracy theories.


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